Pretty Little Royalite

It’s from the 60s and it’s as manual as they come.  There’s no “1” key, you have to push the small “L” for that.  There’s no exclamation point either, you’ve to type the apostrophe, go back and put a dot.  My hands are experiencing muscle pain, guess my fingers didn’t know those muscles exist.  In this age of electronic keyboards, no one has the resistance now to type on an honest-to-goodness manual typewriter.  But I love it.

I love every click, every jump, and every little “ding” that goes off when I’m near the end of the left margin.  It’s a writing machine, exclusively for writing.  No net surfing, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Gmail, and no WordPress.  It’s just you, the key tops and your words.

One of these days I’ll get a scanner and upload a small page of what I’ve been churning out.  :)  It’s fun to write again!


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3 responses to “Pretty Little Royalite

  1. The *ding* happens when you hit the *right* margin, actually. :D
    Glad you’re enjoying your little Royalite!

  2. Tess

    by the way, i do love your Hermes 3000 and your Quiet De Luxe. Those are my next two targets for procurement. :D

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