When PhilPost just makes you go crazy angry

Well to go postal, really.  The term “going postal”, I’m told by my Dictionary Widget, is when a person goes insanely violent because of immense stress.  Its origin?  Apparently, disgruntled employees of the US Postal Service managed to shoot colleagues in the past.  It’s actually a tempting option when one deals with those corrupt idiots in the Philippine Post  when they decide to put taxes on books ordered from Amazon.

I can’t begin to describe the anger I feel right now.  I feel like a Vulcan doing very poorly in harnessing my emotions.  (Yes the Star Trek reference is a must in this situation).  There are a lot of reasons for me to feel this way.  Let me enumerate a few:

1.  For the books I’ve ordered on Amazon and waited WEEKS (sometimes MONTHS) for them to arrive, PhilPost Customs Officials probably noticed that I have been receiving books lately and slapped duties on a most recent package.  Funny thing is, I keep my packages and receipts and I am so tempted to drop by the Makati Post Office and show them that “look, last month I got these and you handed them over for FREE! )(@^!!#(Y!”.

2.  Never mind that a former President whom I dislike signed Executive Order No. 885 that reaffirms the Florence Treaty of 1950, an international trade policy of which the Philippines was one of the original signatories.  Apparently, Customs officials in the Makati Post Office are now making policies of their own that completely ignore a treaty ratified by the Philippine Senate, making it a law of the land.

3. Didn’t we express our outrage last 2009 when some Customs Undersecretary by the name of Estela Sales said that we’ve been misinterpreting the Florence Treaty of 1950?  It was called the Great Book Blockade of 2009 as book sellers were being extorted by the Customs office claiming that all of us have been interpreting the Florence Treaty wrong.  Perhaps it is true, then, that this country’s bureaucracy really plans to keep the Filipino people illiterate.

I don’t know about you but if there’s one thing that sickens me more than our government’s half-baked efforts to alleviate poverty in this country, it’s the deprivation of education and other means of learning.  We boast ourselves to be one of the oldest democracies in Asia, but truth be told, there’s no such thing as a democracy when there’s an uneducated population.  A government that claims to be democratic but doesn’t let its people read is an oppressive one, it is no different from an authoritarian regime that has a ruler that wields absolute power and may be even a worse plight considering that its ignorant populace wouldn’t even know the difference.

So what happened to those books?  They’re there in the Post Office, waiting for the light of day.  When I get back to Makati maybe I can try getting them out of there.  Will have to print those laws and highlight the necessary articles I’d have to use as arguments with the Customs official who decided to scam me.  I could only apologize to my guy for asking him to get them for me in my behalf…

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5 responses to “When PhilPost just makes you go crazy angry

  1. Andro Mauricio

    If the reality of taxation on books is not intentional, it may as well be that the folks at PhilPost are themselves illiterate and have not read or not understood the laws by which they should operate.

  2. Tess

    then all the more we shall print out the treaty and the EO for them :D

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  4. jomar

    Let me know what happens to bringing the EO to the makati customs guy. I’m planning to do the same thing with the Signal Village, Taguig Post Office. Better if you record (Secretly) the entire conversation, even if it’s just audio. That would be good to know what kind of defense to the written word these people have.

    Also–a lawyer present would probably help, too.

    FYi -same thing happened to me – 2 days ago.

    • Tess

      ahh so the plot thickens. is that modus operandi now for all post office clerks? i’ll blog about it for sure when I pick up my package again on Wednesday, when I take a leave from work.

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